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An animated guide to creating an AI business strategy

Businesses that use AI strategies in their business processes are seeing more and more gains, but enterprise AI is still learning. Gartner's 2019 CIO Survey of more than 3,000 executives found that AI implementation grew 270% in the past four years, and 37% in the past year alone. Despite the growing investments in AI and machine learning, over 50% of businesses still aren't applying AI technology, or are slow to deploy it due to a lack of skills and understanding, according to the survey. Rapidly growing technology can feel overwhelming to implement, but without successful AI strategies, your company will fall behind.

If you're a CTO, CIO or other employee looking for a place to start, listen to Whit Andrews, an analyst at Gartner, as he lays out his tips in this SearchEnterpriseAI animated video. He recommends choosing a starting place that gives maximum room for growth -- likely to be a company-wide pain point that needs to be addressed.

Do your employees struggle with email request volumes and response times? Help desk tickets? Start there, and implement transparent AI that your employees can interact with. An AI business strategy that proves constantly successful is integrating your automated workforce programs with manual human workers. Transparently explaining AI to your workers helps alleviate fear about job security, limitless AI and other workforce concerns, Andrews says.

So take his three-part plan for creating a successful AI business strategy, and get started.

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