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Enterprises need to make smart investments in machine learning platforms. With a range of features and price tags, making the right choice can seem like a daunting task. Discover machine learning platform comparison content, information on getting started with machine learning algorithms and best practices to gain the most from projects.

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  • machine teaching

    Machine teaching is the emerging practice of infusing context -- and often business consequences -- into the selection of training data used in artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning so that the most relevant outputs are produced by the ... Continue Reading

  • face detection

    Face detection -- also called facial detection -- is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer technology used to find and identify human faces in digital images. Continue Reading

  • The peaks and pitfalls of hyper-personalization marketing

    As consumers begin to revolt against unlimited personal data collection and usage, the longevity of hyper-personalized communication may be cut short. Continue Reading

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