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Intelligent assistants and the enterprise

While there is still room for improvement, with continued use, training and adoption, these intelligent assistants will soon deliver the benefits promised of AI.

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Inside look at methods to quell machine learning bias

Machine learning expert Ben Cox of discusses the problem of bias in predictive models that confronts data scientists daily and his techniques to identify and neutralize it.


Google Cloud, Harvard release COVID-19 Public Forecasts

Google Cloud, in partnership with the Harvard Global Health Institute, released public models that can predict new COVID-19 cases, deaths and hospitalizations 14 days out.


Autoencoders streamline machine learning algorithms

Autoencoders are neural networks that serve machine learning models -- from denoising to dimensionality reduction. Seven use cases explore the practical application of autoencoder technology.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    unsupervised learning

    Unsupervised learning refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify patterns in data sets containing data points that are neither classified nor labeled.

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    supervised learning

    Supervised learning is an approach to creating artificial intelligence, where the program is given labeled input data and the expected output results.

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    Learn the business value of AI's various techniques

    To drive business value from AI, business managers need to distinguish between the various AI techniques, starting with the many flavors of machine learning.

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