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AWS intros SageMaker Canvas no-code machine learning service

The service enables users to build machine learning models and generate accurate predictions without writing code. It supports both on-premises and cloud deployments.


Will autonomous vehicles transform the supply chain?

Autonomous vehicles are being road tested and companies are predicting added value if these vehicles become integrated in supply chains, but certain obstacles must be overcome.


AWS AI for analytics partner tool simplifies model building

AWS' new AIDA program helps close the tech skill gap, the tech giant said. Enterprises can use languages like SQL to embed ML software tools using Amazon SageMaker Autopilot.


Why optimizing machine learning models is important

A look at why AI needs optimization and how it speeds up inferencing, helps deploy models on small devices and reduces memory footprint.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    telepresence robot

    A telepresence robot is a remote-controlled, wheeled device that has wireless internet connectivity.

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    ambient intelligence (AmI)

    Ambient intelligence (AmI) is the element of a pervasive computing environment that enables it to interact with and respond appropriately to the humans in that environment.

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    robot economy

    The robot economy is a scenario in which most of the labor required to sustain human life is automated.

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