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GumGum uses machine learning annotation service Figure Eight

Computer vision vendor GumGum gets its training data from Figure Eight, a machine learning training data vendor. Figure Eight uses crowdsourcing to annotate training data.


Patience is pivotal for the autonomous vehicle future

The fatal collision between an Uber ATG vehicle and a pedestrian was a reminder that autonomous vehicles are not ready and that a difficult technological hill remains.


The rising use of AI in the energy sector

The energy industry has begun to ramp up the adoption of AI with the usage of smart grids among other technologies and has seen the benefits of the technology.


AI in e-commerce helps product sales

EBay uses AI to power tools and services it built in-house to attract and retain users, such as automatic translation, image recognition and photo cleanup.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    How to get beyond the R&D phase with your AI projects

    While companies are stuck in the research phase of AI, a few simple infrastructure analyzations can jumpstart the process -- and ensure successful deployment.

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    cognitive search

    Cognitive search is a new generation of enterprise search that uses artificial intelligence technologies to improve users' search queries and extract relevant information from multiple, diverse data sets.

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    The peaks and pitfalls of hyper-personalization marketing

    As consumers begin to revolt against unlimited personal data collection and usage, the longevity of hyper-personalized communication may be cut short.

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