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Biden sets stage for national AI strategy

Biden's focus on AI includes funding research and development, manufacturing chips in the U.S. and preparing a workforce to use AI tools.


IBM Think 2021 news, trends and analysis

The role of technologies like AI and the cloud in business is changing. This year's IBM Think conference seeks to help enterprises understand how to capitalize on these tools.


IBM Watson Orchestrate poised to take tasks workers hate most

IBM Watson Orchestrate is the latest technology from a major vendor that promises to save employees from highly repetitive job responsibilities.


DataRobot looks to enterprise AI coders with Zepl acquisition

By acquiring cloud data science and analytics platform vendor Zepl, DataRobot gives data scientists a cloud-native, self-service notebook to write tasks and custom models.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    2 data-wrangling techniques for better machine learning

    Before data can be usefully inputted into algorithms, it must first be prepared. Learn two of the techniques that do the job and make machine learning work.

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    11 data science skills for machine learning and AI

    As companies realize the power of data, they're tasked with finding data science practitioners with AI and ML skill sets to help them use the data to make better business decisions.

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    ML engineer

    A machine learning engineer (ML engineer) is a person who focuses on researching, building and designing self-running AI systems that automate predictive models.

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