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FTC pursues AI regulation, bans biased algorithms

The agency tries to regulate how businesses use AI algorithms by enforcing the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Equal Opportunity Credit Act and FTC Act. Critics want more regulation.

Google Cloud, Hologic use AI tools to fight cervical cancer

The tech giant and medical technology vendor are working together to make cervical cancer screening technology widely accessible to women everywhere and fight the disease.


Google, partners launch new tools for Vertex AI ML platform

The tech giant released a series of new tools and applications, some with partners, for the automated machine learning platform it launched in May 2021.


IBM introduces Environmental Intelligence Suite

The tech giant said the new software suite from its weather subsidiary will help organizations prepare for climate risk and weather disasters such as wildfires and flooding.

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Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Basics

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    telepresence robot

    A telepresence robot is a remote-controlled, wheeled device that has wireless internet connectivity.

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    ambient intelligence (AmI)

    Ambient intelligence (AmI) is the element of a pervasive computing environment that enables it to interact with and respond appropriately to the humans in that environment.

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    robot economy

    The robot economy is a scenario in which most of the labor required to sustain human life is automated.

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